Big Patt (Bell Gang) – All About The Money/ 30

5 Sep


I must admit, After seeing this video the trap is still alive. At least in the south. I bring you all Big Patt out of Flordia. His music is real down south and raw. In his video “All About The Money/30 Big Patt lets it be known. If its not about the money what is it really about. Showing off what a hardworking life style can bring. The money, carz, and clothes. Fresh 2 def in his addidas shorts and Dream Killer tee. Big Patt is here to make a statement. Me myself I never heard of him until now. But I believe Young Jeezy fans and Alley Boy fans would love this guy. At the end of the video it goes into the next video which is “30” with those bells and strings start going. With the hook “30 pounds in a trash bag”. Ayee sorta got me motivated!!! Let me calm down here. lol. Check out Big Patt and the Entire Bell Gang on Youtube.


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