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@tommyillfigure – Insomnia (Official Music Video)

3 Jun

Checked out this dope video today in my email. I just have to say hip hop is back!. This is what it comes to. Just having fun while doing your music. This track has nothing to do with insomnia but hey I like it alot.


@NatalacRecords – Aint Nothin Like (A Pimp That’s Pimpin) Baby! – The Answers (Natalac Album)

26 Mar

Pimpin is not dead please believe that. Preach. Natalac is here to rep for all the pimps world wide. Please do not take this as a joke. Natalac dropped his album today on yall suckers. Putting on for his city and putting the pimps on his back. Check this guy his lifestyle is like no other. Church!

Dante Jet$ – Astronaut

30 Jan


This reminds me of something Future or K Camp out of atlanta would do. I must admit its dope. Dante Jet$ still has room to improve. But with this track I can see the vision coming to life. The artwork is dope and the sound is there. I feel the people should be the judge of this one. Let us know

Quelle Chris Feels His Quality Music Is Working, Even Without The Fame

30 Jan

Wiz Khalifa : DayToday : “Australia” (Ep. 2) [Video]

30 Jan

@Protege_TGL – Lifted vs Slammed (Banger For Your Whip)

30 Jan

Watch out now! Protege Toretto is putting on for Jersey. Honestly I didnt black people were into race cars. But this could be the new trend. I never thought we would skate. lol. But I have alot of respect for this new look for hip hop. I can hear this track on a Racing Video game or a movie soundtrack. Bringing straight heat to your car speakers. Yea I said it. Lifted Vs Slammed. Im choosing Slammed!

August Alsina “Dont Forget About Me” (Official Video)

29 Jan